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Document Management Solutions are one of the largest manufacturers of pressure seal and specialist form stationery in the UK, supplying many different organisations.


As part of our specialist product service we offer an anticoagulant and patient notification document design and supply service.


We are specialists in providing proven solutions that work with all types of hospital software, such as the anticoagulant software from companies like DAWN and RAID, which are two of the most popular packages used within the NHS.


You, your software provider and us

DMS works with you and your software providers, to supply you with a specialist form design that works for you and your patients, tailored to your specific requirements.


Some of our services

• Form Designs

• Standard forms

• Specialist forms with sample labels

• Forms with barcode labels

• All types of pressure seal and hand seal forms


Patient Letters

Designs for all types of patient letters and communications

Appointment documents

Specialist documents


We can supply you with a special mailing document that is populated automatically by your preferred software solution, which can then be mailed without the use of an envelope, in a hand seal or pressure seal mailer form.


Anticoagulant Appointment Forms

We will help you put together a specially designed form which is populated by your software, that will help you to control the patient process from appointment to results generation, and this is often achieved in one document.

• Our Tab On and or Integral Label Forms can give you the label required with a barcode, patient coder or a name and address - in fact any information you may require.

• The forms are a one-piece mailing form which is sealed by one of our pressure sealing machines or by hand. Our forms require no envelopes and we can also print the postage on the form for you using the Royal Mail PPI Service.

• There are many different options available for various types of clinical software programs and we have many of these designs, ready and waiting for you, that are being used currently in many hospitals around the UK.


Patient appointment and letter forms
Instead of producing a letter from the software you use, which has to be folded, put into an envelope, postage applied to it and then sent, you can automate all of these procedures in a single process using a pressure seal or hand seal form.


Full demonstration without obligation
See for yourself how the system works, without any obligation to buy.
We can demonstrate how our solution will save you time and money and make the whole patient testing, appointment processing or letter sending, simple, easy to manage and very cost effective.

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