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Master-Seal, a new exciting approach to secure mailers


one piece mailers generally highlight tamper evidence by visible destruction (paper tear) and are opened by tearing perforations and removing the edges. Master-Seal is different, you print and fold, applying firm pressure to all edges, then the recipient simply peels apart to open. The security of the new product is that it can only be sealed ONCE and cannot be resealed a second time. If the paper tears when opening or you have difficulty opening, be aware that your mailer has been tampered with.


Master-Seal Technology
A Cohesive (an adhesive that will only stick to itself) is applied around all edges of the form, similar to most one piece mailers. The difference with Master-Seal is that a barrier has been applied in the border area of one half of the form.

Our cohesive seals the form when folded and to open is simply peeled apart. This barrier layer allows the cohesive to transfer leaving one side clean and easy to store.


Master-Seal Stock Forms
We hold large quantities of stock forms, some with security hatching all over, some incorporating a franking band and some plain. All of which are reliably available on a next day delivery service.


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