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AS1000/AS1500/AS2000 Pressure Sealers


The AS1000, AS1500 and AS2000 are designed for the production environment and are capable of processing large volumes of pressure seal forms utilising all fold types. The AS1000 has a processing speed of up to 10,000 forms per hour with the AS1500 delivering 15,000 and the AS2000, 20,000 forms per hour.


AS1000,AS1500 and AS200 Pressure seal machinesFriction System
Feeder holds 300 sheets and is bottom fed so it can be loaded whilst running. Features include adjustable separator and self centring form guides.


Vacuum System
Holding 400 sheets which are bottom fed, the unit is highly adjustable. Features also include adjustable airflow and vacuum, ensuring a high level of control. An optional high capacity feeder is available which can hold up to 4,500 forms.

Operator Display
The large LCD display guides you through operating the machine quickly and simply. It features, not only hourly and total count, but also an In-Out job count to ensure form integrity.

Shingle Conveyors
There are two variations. The standard conveyor (pictured) which holds up to 300 Z fold forms, and the extended conveyor which holds up to 1,000 processed forms. his also features a conveyor ‘full’ sensor which can be overridden.

Easy Access
The AS1000, AS1500 and AS2000 systems provide unsurpassed access to the paper path so a machine stoppage can be dealt with quickly and easily. This ensures maximum uptime when keeping to that all important deadline.


For further details please either complete the enquiry form or email sales@dmsuk.org


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